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hair algae

OK, so now I've progressed to DIY CO2 and iron supplementation.  The plants are
doing great, lots of new growth, thick leaves with well defined veins.  However,
now I'm battling a couple different kinds of hair algae.  One is thicker than the
other, more filamentious and able to grow freely in the water column as well as on
plants and other deco.  The other, in a different tank, is shorter, finer, and
seems to be restricted to growing attached.  My beautiful new leaves are invariably
smothered in algae within a week of development.  Both tanks are treated
identically.  Any suggestions as to what might be going on and what I should be
testing for and regulating next?  I don't have much in the way of algae eaters
because some of my tanks have carnivorous fish (Polypterus) and the others have
frogs that would eat anything samll enough or have their breeding disturbed by
anything too large.  Just bladder snails, for now.   Thanks, Kevin
Kevin Zippel
Department of Herpetology
WCS/Bronx Zoo
Bronx, NY 10460
(718) 220 8683 or 5042