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RE: 24/7 day length query

Has anyone tried odd lighting schemes?  Like 24 on, 24 off.  Or 6 on, 6 off.
Something that isn't 10-14 on and 10-14 off.  What were the results?  I
realize that the lighting timers are based on a 24 hour clock and that makes
the 12-12 very useful, but has anyone played around with the day
lengths/night lengths?


> Never be sorry! 24 hours and 7 days. Lighting on all the time basically. 
> For hydroponics, reverse photoperiod, like the reverse photoperiod used in
> Reef set ups, is what I was suggesting before we(I) got on to a tangent of
> respiration. The fellow who was asking if 24/7 was a good lighting time
> for
> algae and plants for such a filter/scrubber. I believe that 24/7 is not a
> good thing for extracting waste or growing plants for such an application.
> If someone wishes to see, try leaving your lights on all the time<g> and
> tell me what you find after a few weeks in your tank.
> regards, 
> Tom Barr