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RE: Java Moss Use and Handling

Nicholas, I bunch mine up and tie it to rocks or wood with fishing 
line. I use 4 lb test (nearly invisible) and tie any loose pieces down. 
I would take the pieces you are talking about and combine them 
together into a long cigar-sized shape. Lay this on a piece of wood 
and wrap it good with the fishing line. Secure it real well and it 
shouldn't keep stringing apart on you. The moss will look kinda 
wierd all strapped down, covered with line, so I usually take a 
toothpick and pick a few of the longer pieces loose to give it a hairy 
appearance. This helps mask the line also. In no time at all you'll 
be cussing the stuff, because it grows on everything once 
established. I can grab handfuls of it out the corners where it 
congregates and it's always full of gravel, because it roots to it 
also. It's also great for clogging your filter intake if allowed to float 
free.<g> I love the stuff though, it definitely makes your aquarium 
appear like a snapshot of a natural river scene.


Jamie Johnson
Greenwood, SC
jjohnson at davisfloyd_com
jjirons at greenwood_net  (home)