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Java Moss Use and Handling

> I was wondering if anybody could help me with some problems handling Java
> How do you use it in your aquariums. Although I really like the dark green
> and the texture, the thing keeps desintegrating and I have all these threads
> floating around the tank. Do you use anything to hold it together.
> I liked the idea of placing it under a stone in a bundle. I thought this would
> solve my problems, but it still started to separate and disperse around. The
uy in
> the shop said to just leave it at the back of the tank behind the other
> and lit it gradually grow and cover all the back glass. This doesn-t make much
> sense though. On one hand I still think it is going to separate. On the other
> order to cover the whole back of a 30 gallon tank it will take ages..... Any
> suggestions would be appreciated....

Hi Nicholas and greetings to all from Sunny Singapore :)
I use java moss as groundcover on my 4-footer. What I did was to tie a
couple of stones (I tied only 4 I think, but they're buried now, so I can't
tell for sure) with the moss. I use ordinary sewing thread, cos the moss
will eventually anchor itself to the surface of the stones.

Next, I placed the stones a couple of inches apart. They will look like
little green balls ( or squares, depending on your stones) at first. After
they grew, they spread and spread and spread :)

Pretty soon, they covered one whole corner of the tank and were growing
about 4 inches high (thick?) Then on a whim, I tried pulling them to "thin
out" the growth. Surprisingly, they literally "stretched"! So all I needed
to do was simply pull them right across the front of the tank, and I had
virtually instant ground cover!

To cover the back of your tank, you might like to try what some of us here
in Singapore do. Use a sheet of wire mesh (well, make it plastic mesh) that
looks like "chicken wire" and cut it to fit your back glass. Simply shove a
couple of strands in the spaces between the mesh, or if you're really picky
tie them there with thread. In a few weeks, you should have the entire back
of your tank with a moss carpet :-)

This works particularly well with the other species of moss: Fontinalis
Antipyretica (as Amano calls it). We call it Christmas moss as it really
resembles an X'mas tree.

Hope this helps.

Mark Pan
It is far better to do the right thing than to just do things right.