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Potassium toxicity?

I have a 75 gallon, once heavily plant and fish populated tank, that recently 
suffered a protozoan infection which wiped out 75+% of the fish population.  
Since then the plants have also taken a nose dive.  I suspected a nitrogen 
deficiency and when I checked the nitrates I found a 0 to <5 ppm reading.  I 
decided to fertilize the tank with potassium nitrate so I made up a 5 ppm N 
solution of reagent grade KNO3.  I didn't think about the possibility of 
potassium toxicity for my fish and I'm wondering if this is a possibility.  I 
figure I added about 17 ppm K20 at a 5 ppm N dosage.  Anyone out there know 
at what levels potassium becomes toxic to freshwater fish?