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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1234

I have a few questions about a new tank set up:
1.) For an RO filter (Kent Bare Bones TFC), is there any problem with
connecting it to softened tap water versus the hard tap water? I am assuming
that the filter gets rid of all of the sodium (or most of it anyway).
2.) Do I still have to add Amquel or something? I would assume by the
ratings, that it gets most of the chlorine out, but I don't want to be
3.) I have just planted a new tank and am finishing off everything and some
of the plants are taking root and growing some. I am noticing that on much
of the new growth (especially mayaca sp., E. tenellus) the new growth is
quite white. The tank parameters are as follows for a 1 week old 125 gal.
tank: Lighting=320 Watts (10 hrs/day), PH=6.6-7.0 (working on getting it
more stable with injected CO2), GH=3-4,KH=3-4, NO3<5 mg/l, Fe<5 mg/l, and
NH4=0 mg/l. I have had a few algae eaters in the tank for the last day or
so. I am using Substrate Gold and a few Jobes Fern sticks near the base of
some plants. Currently, I am using all reconstituted RO water for the tank
because my tap water is extrememly harsh. I am also adding a PMDD version
daily to supplement most of the trace elements because I am using RO water.
Is there anything wrong with my scheme? I assume that something (nutrient)
is lacking and causing the new growth to be rather white. I am doubtful that
it is Fe because of the Substrate Gold and because I measure plenty in the
tank. Any thoughts.

Any suggestions or input would be appreciated. Thanks

Jason Luebke
Minneapolis, MN