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Sv: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1234

>I'm missing something here.  Why would a rise in KH release ammonia and
>kill your fish?  KH and pH should rise together, right?  Changing the
>water should reduce any concentrations of ammonia, unless the new water
>contains ammonia.  What am I missing?
>Regards, Steve Dixon in San Francisco

Assuming it is correct that ammonia in English is NH3 and ammonium is NH4+, this is the equation:

NH3  +  H+    <  >  NH4+

NH3 is more toxic than NH4+

When changing water with water of a higher KH and pH, the proces goes to the left, making a higher koncentration of ammonia.

pH          6  7  8
NH3%    0  1  4

ole.t at larsen_dk