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glosso growth

>From: "Raymond Wong" <myapisto at hotmail_com>
>Subject: Golssostigma
>for my tank glossostigma grows VERY VERY slowly.. not dying... i'm using the 
>DIY yeast method (and airstone into intake tube of canister filter) 
>substrate is very rich (laterite, clay, soil.. etc etc.) lighting is around 
>3 watts / gallon

I suspect that CO2 fertilization and good light are necessary because I've
grown a carpet of glosso fairly quickly without a super rich substrate. I
personally think that your substrate will prove to be too rich and cause
problems down the road.

 but my tank is also 24 inches deep (top to bottom) 
>would that be a cause for slow growth

This is pretty deep for a lot of light to get right down to gravel level,
but it is growing so that's something.

in Vancouver