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Re: Metal Halide

I know the tank you are talking about, and I'd definitely use a halide on
it, probably a pendant.  The wattage you want depends on how high-input you
want the tank to be.  I'd use a 175w, but I also like to run high CO2 and
nutrient levels.  I wouldn't worry too much about heat, unless you live in a
really hot part of the country where its already a problem.  The halide can
be suspended a good 8 inches or a foot off the water with no problems, and
this may actually be better for the tank since it will probably give more
even lighting and eliminate dark corners.  As for bulb and ballast, I would
personally use the 6500k, either the Iwasakis or the recently imported
Germans available from Champion.  Not too sure on the ballast, but I'd lean
towards the electronic units from Icecap.  The early ones had some serious
problems, but it sounds like they have gotten the bugs worked out and are
now putting out a quality product.

Justin Collins