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Re: ick and medications for planted tank

Talking abt medications for ick and other diesases in a planted tank, I have
observed an algae bloom everytime I used them to treat my planted tank, wonder if
they are coincidences?

This have happened a couple of times when I had to treat the whole due to massive
ich infection. The medication I used looked like methylene blue to me, but the
pdt (fr Ocean Free) stated it is plant safe. During the dosing period which is
over a week or 2, the plants bubble less and then followed by hair algae bloom
which infested the sword plants, the saggitarias, crypts, almost everything! Some
stem plants are so badly affected that they started to rot. I had to cut away the
affected leaves and remove rotting stems, urgh! The only good thing that came out
of it is that i suffered few casualties on the fishes and the shrimps.

During that period and the weeks after, I dosed my regular dose of fertilisers.
So, I am wondering if methylene blue or any other ingredients inside the
medication can inhibit the uptake of nutrients of the plants, or if they
encourage and promote hair algae growth? Water parameters (pH, nitrate,
phosphate, etc) remained unchanged throughout.

It usually takes abt 4-6 weeks thereafter with weekly 50% water change to arrest
the problems. Then, the hair algae would die and no new ones will form.