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ick and medications for planted tank

Kenny Poh wrote: <<<<ick and medications for planted tank
Talking abt medications for ick and other diesases in a planted tank, I have
observed an algae bloom everytime I used them to treat my planted tank,
wonder if
they are coincidences?
This have happened a couple of times when I had to treat the whole due to
ich infection. The medication I used looked like methylene blue to

Methylene blue is very hard on biological filtration, causing bacterial
quite frequently. Because of the disruption of the tank equilibrium, I guess
blooms may also occur, but I do not have adequate knowledge to identify an
exact mechanism of how this could happen.

I read several recommendations on the thread about how to treat ich. Some
good, some bad. I would advise everyone to choose treatments for diseases
on the basis of reputable books, not drug labels or second-hand info. 
There is a lot of misinformation and false claims around, beware! Books
like those from Untergasser on the contrary can be trusted, and most
importantly help to understand diseases, which is something absolutely
needed to make the best possible choice. 

Dionigi Maladorno
dionigi.maladorno at roche_com
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