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RE:American style

James wrote of Golden Arches:
Golden arches eh? I did do some green Riccia arches, does this count? 
    I've felt like Tom has about some of Amano's tanks/art also! Hokey, with
the references to nature. But what the heck.........try it anyways. Can't
hurt and if it doesn't kill ya, it'll only make you a better gardener and
perhaps a good botanist.
I think there's a great deal of control exercised over plants/nature in
order to achieve the aquascapes Amano does. Most of us don't want to deal
with the trouble of these designs.
But being able to do it even for a day or two *might* be worth it. It's a
road to travel IMO.
The notion that these can be maintained for years is not an idea I would
wish to accept.............
But what is The North American Style(I have to include Canadians BTW)? Are
we that far along to make such a statement? Are we just beginners borrowing
from the Europeans and Asians?
Are the tanks we do see truly representitive of their and ours?
Should we have a web site that has JPEG's of tanks from the
USA,Japan,Germany, Canada, India, or ??? Comparing these to get an idea of
what makes up a style in a particular area sounds like a worthwhile
endeavor, does it not? It'd be fun to see. 
We, in the SF Bay Area, are kicking such an idea around for our club
locally. There's enough interest I believe also at the
national/international level.
Tom Barr