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Re: Metal Halide bulb flickering

It sounds like the capacitor (located next to the ballast) might be on
its way out.  The capacitor looks like a tin can with 2 to 4 terminals 
on top.  You can get replacement from such places as MCM
electronics(web) or Radio Shack.  
Usually metal halide lights don't flicker but the high pressure sodium
will when the starter/bulb needs to be replaced. Your bulb might be
almost burned out.  Do you know how many hours were put on it?  They
typically can last from 12,000-24,000 hours depending on size/useage.

Andrew wrote:

"I have a 175 watt metal halide bulb that will stay on for a couple
hours -flicker for a minute - then go off, then come back on about 20
minutes later and repeat the pattern.  Since I only have the one light I
can't trouble shoot with another ballast or socket.  Has anyone had this
problem? "