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Re: Metal Halide bulb flickering

Andrew.Claxton at CAN_XEROX.com sez:
> I have a 175 watt metal halide bulb that will stay on for a couple hours -
>  flicker for a minute - then go off, then come back on about 20 minutes 
>  and repeat the pattern.  Since I only have the one light I can't trouble
>  shoot with another ballast or socket.  Has anyone had this problem? 
This sounds like the normal end-of-life for a flourescent lamp, and MH is 
much the same technology.  How old is the lamp?  Is it a "normal" MH lamp, or 
something exotic that may require a higher voltage?  What kind of ballast are 
you using?  You might want to repost your question along with this additional 
information in the sci.engr.lighting newsgroup.

Best regards,