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Plant ID

Hi all - 
        I just bought a couple plants at Petco(I know, but they were having a
clearence) - Hydrocotyle leucocephala and what looks like an Anubias
barteri var
barteri(same leaf shape - big broad, rather thick leaves that come to a point
and have a "V" shape on the other end, closer to the stem) - the idea is that,
the only difference I can see is that, instead of dark green leaves, they have
a white-ish appearence over most of the top except on the edges, where it is
dark green. The bottom of the leaves are the normal medium to darker green.
This seems bizzare. The white appearence doesn't seem to be from being
unhealthy, actually(believe it or not) the plant seems very healthy. Could I
have ID'd this plant wrong? or is it a hybrid of some kind? or something else?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.