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Re: Plant ID

Identifying a plant based on a rough description is pretty hard, 
but if I had to guess, I'd guess that you bought one of PetCo's 
specialties:  A non-aquatic plant.  Actually, what you described 
sounds a lot like a "Chinese evergreen" (aglaonema) variety or 
perhaps a diffenbachia, neither will survive long term submerged.  
Does it look like this, perhaps?

I saw some of these at PetSmart this weekend, and talked to the 
clerk about it.  She was quite pleasant and told me that she knew
it wasn't an aquatic plant (though she thought it was diffenbachia)
but that the individual stores don't get to decide which plants they
stock.  She also pointed out that while they won't grow, these plants
will survive as long in the typical fishtank as most true aquatics
would, which I had to admit was probably true.

I hope I'm wrong about your plant, of course.  But if it is an
aglaonema, they make wonderful houseplants.  They very tolerant
of a wide range of light levels and watering.  Sort of like the
houseplant equivalent of anubias, I suppose.

David Ozenne
Fremont, CA