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Today's finding on sae's, yamato and bee shrimp


Just thought i'd mention to everyone that yesterday I ordered some yamato
shrimp (they was called 'algae eating shrimp' Caridina japonica) and some
bee shrimp (no sci name given but they are RED)  Today I stoped by a local
nursery that has algae infestions (btw they also claim that there miracle
grow works wonders on there aquatic plants, I told them that it does
wonders for hair algae!  Anyway, I picked up a few handfulls of hair algae
for my sae's and yamato shrimp (seeing how my sae's have eaten all of it
in the tank)

After putting the yamato shrimp in the tank I immediately noticed that
they was starved and eating at everything in sight including plucking
snails off the walls and cleaning them.  I droped about a 2" section of
hair algae in the tank and they went nuts over it! Later my sae's decided
they wanted some and I thought the shrimp and sae was going to scrap over
the hair algae but they easily shared there treat.

I would seriously recomend these two cute species (sae and yamato shrimp)
to everyone.  Would also recomend that aquarist develop open minds as to
the growth and usage of algae's in the tank, just cause it's a tank and
there is algae don't assume that it's bad.  When I ask the nursery for
some hair algae they about fell over, then they thought I was an idiot
untill I told them what I was going to do with it, then they gratefully
gave me as much as I wanted.