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RE: New tank

> From: Alfred Heng <alheng at pacific_net.sg>
> I just bought a new tank.  Went over board actually,it's a
> 6x2x2.  Didn't
> think about because it was such a good deal, but now, back to the real
> world,  how do I get enough light into it?  I was thinking of
> MHDs, but
> decided against due to the heat, initial cost and running cost.
> Florescent?  I think I will need a combinations of 48" and
> 24" to cover the
> span of the tank  -  12-16 tubes in all!

Is there some reason you aren't considering 72" VHO bulbs? They really are
the most convenient method I know of for lighting a 72" tank with
fluorescent. You can get some ideas for large tanks at my web site.

Jon Wilson