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Stem Plants

Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 22:30:01 -0800 
From: thayer at sirius_com (Thayer Syme) 
Subject: MH Ballast and clips for stem plants
Hi folks,
Also my brother in law is being driven crazy by the tendency for his stem 
plants to free themselves from the substrate and flaot to the surface. 
Will they stop doing this after a week or two of striking roots, or is this 
a constant problem with a solution we don't know about? He mentioned 
reading somewhere about small clips that attach to the base of a stem and 
act as an anchor in the gravel, but that seems a bit off to me. Needless 
to say, he can't relocate the reference.
Thanks for your patience.

Hi Thayer

I find that a good way to keep the stem plants in place is to loosely tie a
few stems togeher with 5 inches of regular sewing thread,  This will be
provide enough grip to prevent them from coming loose.