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Re: New tank

Hi Alfred,

> From: Alfred Heng <alheng at pacific_net.sg>
> Subject: New tank

> I was thinking of MHDs, but decided against due to the heat, initial
> cost and running cost. Florescent?  I think I will need a
> combinations of 48" and 24" to cover the span of the tank -
> 12-16 tubes in all!
Huh?? 12-16 tubes in all?... and you were worried about heat from MH
;-)  Initial costs may seem somewhat high but spread over the
lifespan/output of the bulbs/tubes, it kinda evens out.
> Today I came across a 58 watt 60" tube 6000K.  I figured that 6-8 tubes
> would do the trick...
58*6=348, 58*8=464 watts... uses more current than 2x150w or 3x150w MH
respectively.  Furthermore, at 24" depth, output from floros might just
be adequate for low-medium light plants.  Given that each 150w MH covers
a 2 to 2 1/2 sq.ft. area, for your 6-footer, 3 units of MH will do
nicely if you're planning on carpeting with glossostigma, light
intensity from MH might just fit your needs.  Just my 2 cents.