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Glossostigma and Riccia

I really enjoyed reading Toms recent post on the use of Riccia, and while I am at it,
Thank you to Steve Pushak for his very eloquent post on aquascaping and photography.
Both these posts gave me a lot to think about!

In the USA, Riccia is a seasonal plant usually only available for three months or so
during the winter or fall. This is because wholesale growers in Florida or even Arizona
Aquatic, grow this in large outdoor pools, and come spring want to clear these pools to
make room for pond plants. This is also why you often get a pound of pine needles and
other goodies for every two pounds of Riccia. Glossostigma on the other hand is
generally available year round when you can find it.

With all this talk of aquascaping and a possible photo contest,  glossostigma is a nice
plant to carpet your tank with and I can get it at low prices in dozen lots if anybody
is interested.

Robert Paul H