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Ammano shrimp

My two cents on the Ammano shrimp thread:

I've lost shrimp when my pH swung below 6.0 for a day or two.
4 of my 8 shrimp are carrying eggs.  One might infer a species-survival 
tactic whereby the females release their fry simultaneously.  I've got 
Pearl Guoramis, Harlequin Rasboras and some Otos in my moderately-planted 
50gal (CO2-injected, pH 6.6-6.8, CH 3.0), and I'll report the results when 
the fry are released.
Here's the strange one:  I've got a wet/dry filtration setup with overflow 
and sump.  The Ammano shrimp head for the overflow whenever they are 
unsettled, such as when I perform a 50% water-change.  They sometimes hide 
in the 1/2"-wide space between the rear wall of the in-tank overflow 
chanber and the glass wall of the tank, and other times they enter the 
filtration system.  I've had to rescue several from the behind-the-tank 
chanber, and on more than one occasion from the sump itself (don't ask me 
how they get past the bio-balls).  I've screened off the overflow as much 
as I dare.
michael rubin
michael at rubinworld_com