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Seachem contents

At 03:48 PM 7/31/99 -0400, Ray Rsimoneaux asked
> What I need help with 
>today is Flourish. I purchased some recently (mail order) and upon recieving 
>it was suprise that the contents were not given. Does any body know what is 
>in Flourish? 

Seachem's web site gives some info on the contents of all Seachem products.
For Flourish see:   http://www.seachem.com/support/general/flourish_ga.gif

>One of the reasons I was purchasing it was I was hoping it might 
>help with my water being 0 gH.

Flourish contains on the order of .1-.2% Ca and Mg.  Added at the rate of 1ml
in 100L (which is about what they recommend weekly/semiweekly), that would
raise the Ca by 20ppb, which is pretty useless according to my calculations.
If I got a decimal point in the wrong place, please say so.  Something like
10ppm Ca (as Ca) would be a dead minimum.

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