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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1187

on 01:48 PM 8/1/99 , you wrote:

 >This is the next area I am going to work on (along with AH Lighting,
 >Aquarium Plant Magazine and building four houses).  I recommend Sera Iron
 >test kit along with my modified instructions and now have it available.  It
 >will be on the web site soon.

What are your modified instructions? I use it and the only modification 
I've made is to wait several hours instead of 5 minutes for the results.

 >  If anyone has any ideas how not to lose
 >one's shirt selling low cost items without excessive markup please email me
 >offline.   For nitrate I highly recommend the Seachem kit, it is a real
 >winner.  $22CDN is a little high tho.   Everyone, please email me offline
 >if you use Seachem Nitrate kit and if so what you paid for it.   Many thanks.

I use the Seachem Nitrate/Nitrite kit and it works well. Paid $13.98 mail 
order from Pet Warehouse. (they have the Sera kit for $6.95, I don't envy 
you trying to compete with that.) The Seachem phosphate kit is also very 
good ($12.95 at Pet Warehouse)

Seen any SAEs lately? :)

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