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re: ICH in a planted tank...

I've gotten a couple direct replies to my question, suggesting that 
I remove the infected fish, and medicate them in a seperate tank.

I've got a spare 10g tank around, that I could use as a hospital tank.
The affected fish seem to be:

6 glow-lite tetras: I noticed a spot on one of them first, but now I
can't find any spots on them

4 Neon tetras :  Probably the most infected.  2 or 3 have many spots.
All 4 have at least one spot.

2 Kissing Gourami : Noticable spots on the tail

Will moving these fish to a hospital tank, and treating only the
hospital tank clear the problem?  Or will they just get re-infected
when I re-add them to the main tank?   The fish remaining in the 
main tank would be:

5 cories, 5 tiger barbs, 3 otos, 1 raphael cat, 1 large ramshorn snail,
3 mt snails, 2 amano shrimp.

And if it'll work, what do I need to do to make sure the water quality
stays acceptable in the hospital tank?  Frequent water changes?  Or
some chemical ammonia neutralizer?  I obviously don't have time to
cycle the tank.   I've got a cheap box filter with regular floss media.
I'll need to get a heater for this tank.   Let me know if this is my best
bet, and I'll get it set up today.

Chuck Gadd
Director of Software Development, Cyber FX Communications
e-mail:cgadd at cfxc_com  http://www.cfxc.com