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Re: Fish Traps

Catching fish in planted aquaria is at best a frustrating experience. But I 
have discovered a way to make it somewhat easier. My problem fish are Diamond 
Tetras. They breed like rabbits in the planted 75 and I have to remove small 
herds every few months.

Don't feed them for a good stretch of time. I'll go as far as not feeding 
them for the week. Then get your net, the bigger the better. Put it in the 
water and wait a couple of minutes. Grab the food. Tetra Bits work well 
because you can dole them out a couple pieces at a time in front of the net. 
The fact they are hungry will drive them toward the food that's near the net. 
When one gets within striking distance, net it. Start the process again. It's 
time consuming, but this way you keep them right where you want them and you 
don't destroy the tank in the process.

BTW, I've fish swim right into the net to go after a morsel. You can figure 
out the rest ;D


In a message dated 8/2/99 8:00:54 AM, erdoz1 <erdoz1 at wt_net> writes:

<< I have 12 Brichardi  I want to get out of a heavily planted community 
tank.  Does
anybody have an idea for a trap or other method to get the little #$%@ out
without making the tank look like a war zone.   The giant val makes it 
to catch em when the tank is pumped down.