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Re: T. Amano's stocking levels

I thought somebody might mention Amano's unusual stocking levels. Stated 
simply, I've never seen so much as a speck of algae in one of Amano's tanks. 
No surprise considering the fact that he's got 50 C. japonica and 20 
otocinclus in 26 gallons. That's an algae eating army that'll overwhelm 
almost any algae outbreak.

As for the contribution of this army to the bioload, when the shrimp have no 
more algae to eat, they eat fish-poo so I don't think the shrimp hurt the 
bioload. In fact, unless they're ridding your tank of algae, they're actually 
helping the bioload. The only reason, in my opinion to use fewer C. japonica 
than what Amano reccomends is because they're eating your plants.

As for twenty otos in a 26 gallon tank, I think that is quite a bit. I only 
keep 5 in my 29 gallon tank. I think there is a rule of thumb of about 1 for 
every five gallons or so that I read about in a previous discussion about 
Amano's stocking levels.

Dan P