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plant id/suggestions

I was hoping someone would be able to help me with a plant id adn some 
1.  on page 23 of Baensch's Atlas Vol 2 there is a "cactus" like plant in 
the left margin.  Any idea what this is?

2. (the reason i was looking through my books) I would like an upright (not 
flowing like cabomba/hornwort etc) platn similar in appearance to Eusteralis 
stellata (pg 22) or either Eichornia diversifolia or Lagarosiphon 
madagascariensis (pg 49)
I prefer something taht will "fill in" but will not start to grow all over 
th tank.  I've seen a similar looking plant in some of Amano's pictures and 
i believe G. Booth has something like this as well, but i couldn't find it 
on his site last night.(too tired to continue looking)
Any helpful info about any of these plants would be appreciated.
Availability might be a deciding factor as well.  I will prob mail order all 
the plants for my new tank.

Also. what are your thoughts/experience with Houttuynia cordata?  Found 
something that I believe to be this at an LFS last week.  I've got three 
stalks in each of three diff tanks to see which type of environment it likes 
Thanks again

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