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T. Amano's stocking levels

At http://www.vectrapoint.com/main/manual/bm36.html it states:

"Keep sufficient Otocinclus and yamato numa-ebi shrimp in the aquarium from
the start to prevent algae growth. As a guide line, keep about 20 Otocinclus
and 50 Yamato-numa-ebi (Caridina Japonica) to every 100 litres of water for
them to work effectively."

100 liters = 26.45 gallons

Doesn't 20 Otos & 50 Shrimp in 26.45 gallons seem like a fairly heavy load?
Based on this I should have 8 Otos and 19 Shrimp in 10 gallons?
jvaline at jps_net