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Re: PC Efficiency & Hamilton Compatible Bulbs

Dan P wrote: 
> Hi There. Does anyone out there know whether the increased efficiency and
> extended bulb life of power compacts ever make up for the relatively
> expensive initial investment. In addition, does anyone know of a power
> compact bulb manufacturer that makes bulbs compatible (pin-wise) with the
> Hamilton system for less money. Hamilton's bulbs are almost forty dollars
> plus some shipping. Thanks in advance.
Dan, PowerCompacts are what is called single-end fluorescents
(pin-wise)and are almost standardized.  I say almost because apparently
you have to change the sockets if you want to swap 55W Japanese tubes
for 55W German tubes.  Anyway, Hamilton does not make their own bulbs,
they're made in Germany and Japan.
Extended bulb life: Customsealife (who uses the same bulbs) says it's at
least 12 months and Hamilton recommends replacing them every 14-16
That's not really all that long and Customsealife even tells you to
replace them after 12 months, regardless of lighting cycle and operating
Increased efficiency: go to
http://customsealife.com/cost_calc/cost_calc.html and use their cost
calculator to see for yourself how much more/less your system would
I've been looking around for cheaper prices myself and the best I've
found so far are at Jeff's Exotic Fish -
Pet Warehouse's prices (www.petwhse.com) are within a dollar for the
smaller models.
Hope this helps,

Johan Henckens
johan at mmdg_org