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Re: What makes a fabulous tank?

I believe that trying answer this question is like trying to define art. In a
case such as this there are always theories about framing, or golden triangles
or some such. The simple truth is that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
I find that my tanks are like a story I am writing. They are always in need
of revision, and much like the stories that I write, I will often just start
over from scratch with a few of the characters from the old story (old plants
from a past tank). Personally I like some algae in my tanks and some barren
areas that are rocky and contain driftwood with either algae or some clinging
plant. New tanks are usually made up of "sections" of old ones that I liked.
I will take a particular group of rocks or plants and try to incorporate them
into a new setting. In fact I only own one piece of driftwood, and it has seen
many different roles. Once, it was stationed on dry land in a palladarium (sp?,
but my favorite use of it was when it was covered in java moss and played home
to a colony of L. brichardi. Remember, One person's lush jungle tank is another
person's cluttered weed bed.

Scott McLaughlin

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