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Riccia & Eleocharis

Has anyone tried keeping Riccia down with Eleocharis Amano-style? The Tropica 
sight said that Amano plants the Eleocharis first then lays the Riccia on top 
and keeps it down by sprinking gravel on top. Eventually the Eleocharis 
entangles in the Riccia. In a word, I'm a little scared by the complexity of 
it all. Usually, you just plant 'em. Anyhow, can those of you who've already 
tried this give me some pointers on how to do it well? How much Eleocharis do 
I need to use to keep the Riccia down? That is, how far apart should I space 
the individual plants? Doesn't the Eleocharis spread like crazy after 
constant trimming? All help is greatly appreciated!

By the way, a word of warning. The _sinking_ Riccia is a major pain in the 
rear! Once it's in the tank you can't get it out. Moreover, the trimmings 
don't float. I guess that's pretty obvious but it makes it impossible to get 
the trimmings out and you get tons of Riccia pieces drifting through the 
tank. It's maddening! Oh well. At least it was free. Thanks anyway Tom.

Dan P