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Re: algae in the substrate

Bud Willins wrote:

> I posted this a few days ago but got no response:

I have a similar problem in one tank, so I was hoping someone else would
respond.  All I can tell you is what I've tried.

> I have a problem with what I believe is a type of Cladophora growing
> along the bottom of a strongly lit, CO2 supplemented tank. It grows
> attached to the gravel, and continues to survive despite my limiting of
> nitrate, iron, and phosphate. It is a short, thick green
> brush-likealgae.

I found I could keep it under control without getting rid of it by
scraping together the surface layer of the substrate along with it's
attached algae and burying it in a corner of the tank.

The stuff will grow into and smother loose plant groups, but dense
plantings seem to shade it out.  It doesn't grow in the dense stands of
crypts or H. zosterifolia.  So my current plan is just to cover the
effected areas of the substrate with such a thick stand of E. tenellus
that the stuff disappears and never comes back.  So far, so good.

Roger Miller