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Re: Cladophora Infestation

Bud writes:

> I have a problem with what I believe is a type of Cladophora growing
>  along the bottom of a strongly lit, CO2 supplemented tank. It grows
>  attached to the gravel, and continues to survive despite my limiting of
>  nitrate, iron, and phosphate. It is a short, thick green
>  brush-likealgae.
>  Meanwhile all plants grow well and flourish. The Cladophora is the only
>  visible algae in the tank. How can I remove it, or gradually get rid of
>  it? I'm stumped. I would like to stay away from using fishes
>  to control it. 

Sounds like it might be Java moss.  If it is, it's probably there to stay.  
If it is cladophora, try either leaving the lights off for three days, the 
vacuuming out the dead algae, or cutting back the fertilizer until the 
vascular plants push the tank to a limitation on something the algae need.

Bob Dixon