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Re: Cladophora Infestation

Bud Willins wrote:

> Subject: Cladophora Infestation
> I have a problem with what I believe is a type of Cladophora growing
> along the bottom of a strongly lit, CO2 supplemented tank. It grows
> attached to the gravel, and continues to survive despite my limiting of
> nitrate, iron, and phosphate. It is a short, thick green
> brush-likealgae.
> Meanwhile all plants grow well and flourish. The Cladophora is the only
> visible algae in the tank. How can I remove it, or gradually get rid of
> it? I'm stumped. I would like to stay away from using fishes
> to control it.

Bud, it probably is just too much light.  Dim the lights, shorten the
lighting cycle and start out the radical way; darken the tank completely
for 2-3 days.
Or try some floating plants to reduce the amount of light.

johan at mmdg_org