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CO2 and PH

I have just set up my high pressure CO2 system, that has an eheim diffuser.
Currently my tank is a 25 gal, ~75% gravel covered with plants, about 22in
fishes (overstocked), a Magnum Pro 350 with biowheel.  I have set the CO2
regulator to give me about 2 bubbles every second, output from the filter is
directed over the diffuser so the bubbles gets swoshed around, removed one
of the biowheel (now only one is running), But my PH won't go lower that 7.0
(from 7.5), kh is around 7.  There is only a little surface movement where
the biowheel is.  My question;  Am I loosing the CO2 because of the
biowheel.   And if so, would it be safe (for the fishes) to remove the
biowheel and use some of those bioballs in the canister.

Steve Bansee
Winnipeg, Manitoba