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Re: CO2 and PH

In all likelyhood, yes and yes. To be absolutely sure that the ammonia and
nitrite levels aren't rising you should test daily but I think there'll be
enough bacteria in your tank water to immediately settle your bio-balls (I
just use the old colored aquarium gravel in my filters since I can't think
of any other good use for that stuff). Enough to take up any ammonia that
the plants don't grab first that is.


>Date: Tue, 27 Jul 1999 01:17:20 -0500
>From: "TVG" <tvg at icenter_net>

>I have just set up my high pressure CO2 system, that has an eheim diffuser.
>Currently my tank is a 25 gal, ~75% gravel covered with plants, about 22in
>fishes (overstocked), a Magnum Pro 350 with biowheel.  I have set the CO2
>regulator to give me about 2 bubbles every second, output from the filter
>directed over the diffuser so the bubbles gets swoshed around, removed one
>of the biowheel (now only one is running), But my PH won't go lower that
>(from 7.5), kh is around 7.  There is only a little surface movement where
>the biowheel is.  My question;  Am I loosing the CO2 because of the
>biowheel.   And if so, would it be safe (for the fishes) to remove the
>biowheel and use some of those bioballs in the canister.