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I have a question for people about a wierd substance that has appeared in an
aquarium.  I just set up a little Eclipse System Six in my office at work. 
Unfortunately, I hadn't gotten around to getting a timer for the lights.  I then
proceded to leave the lights off over the weekend, figuring how much damage could
that do.  Well, today I went into my office and found these strange globs of material
attached to the gravel.  They look like jelly or something.  I haven't messed with
them yet, as I don't want to mess with the aquarium till after work.  Does anyone
have an idea as to what these things are and what I should do about them?  They are
about half an inch big, kind of round, and somewhat transparent.  Some of them seem
to have a core of something whitish.  There is one guppy in this tank and the tank
has been set up almost a week.  I don't know the ph, water hardness, or anything else
about the water.  I did add ShieldX to the water after I added the guppy to
declorinate the water.  The tank is also somewhat heavily planted (aka 75% gravel
covered with plants), but no CO2 addition.  I figured there wasn't much point with a
biowheel spinning up there.

I am really clueless as to what these globs are and feeling kindof scared of them. 
As soon as my boss goes home (I promised the tank wouldn't interfere with work), I am
going to syphon them out.  The guppy seems happy, healthy, and active.  Is it
possible that he didn't eat the flake a day that I added and they are turning into
fungus factories?

Jennifer Glover
(feeling worried/stupid in Springfield, VA, USA)