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re: Ceramic Castle reactor

>Date: 24 Jul 99 17:50:44 PDT
>From: Jeff Rossel <jeffrossel at netscape_net>

>Hey Everyone I've just put together my first yeast CO2 generator. It seems
>be generating 1 bubble per sec. I have routed the gas outlet line into the
>interior of a ceramic castle that is located inside my 50 Gallon fish tank.
>After several hours the CO2 has collected in the castles bowls and every
>in a while the overflow leaks out to be released to the surface.

>My question is will this be adequate to diffuse the CO2 into the tank? Does
>anyone foresee any problems with this setup to my newly planted tank?
>Right now I have only a few plants and do not have much experience..

A couple of problems. Pretty soon, you're going to have nice plants. Then
you're going to think that castle looks 'tacky'. You're going to have to get
rid of it and then you're going to have to find another reactor.

It's not going to float or tip over when it fills is it?

Actually, I use the same overturned-cup method with the top half of a 600ml
pop bottle. I put the airline down through the cap (the same way it comes
out of the solution bottle) but I later realized that wasn't necessary - I
could've just brought the line down around the side. Actually, i think it
should go into an airstone in the gravel and the cup can just catch the
bubbles that float up.

I had the cup on the side away from the filter (talking about a ten gallon
tank) and I don't think there was enough water movement to dissolve much CO2
so just last night I moved it to just beside the filter. I think now I'll
bring the cup right up to the surface and have the airstone down in the