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aquascaping the front corners

Roger wrote:

>While working on one of my tanks just now I found myself short on ideas
>for aquascaping the front corners of the tank.  In this particular tank,
>the front corners are heavily shaded, which seems to be a special problem.
>I have problems in my other tanks as well, trying to find appropriate
>plants and good things to do in the front corners.  What do y'all do
>there?  What about the special case of heavily shaded corners?

One way I handle front corners is to use a taller plant in at least one of
them.  This allows the plant to use light up closer to the top of the tank.
 It also can serve to "frame" the rest of the aquascape. It gives the same
feeling a peeking through a garden gate, or looking into a meadow between
big oak trees.

If you want to stay with smaller plants, one of my favorite low growing low
light plants is Java fern 'Windelov'.  It forms a dense mound of foliage
that sets off well with broader leaves plants behind it.  Anubias barteri
var. nana can be useful too.  It looks especially nice with something
lighter and with a softer texture behind it, like H. difformis or H.

For that matter, another useful "corner" plant in a larger tank can be A.b.
barteri.  If allowed to develop for lng enough, it will hug the substrate
tightly at the front, then slowly climb toward the back.  If placed well,
it can lead your eye deep into the aquascape.