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Re: Plants with Algae

In an outdoor setting, a good way to deal with many kinds of algae is
with snails. Many kinds of fish also eat soft filement algae such as
Spirogyra. See about nutrients below.

If the algae is like peach fuzz on the leaves, it may be Oedogonium.
This is difficult to treat. Rasping algae eaters like Pleco and
Otocinclus may help control it if you remove the worst affected leaves.

Some kinds of thread algae such as Chladophora won't be eaten by algae
eaters. Remove it by hand and ensure you have adequate plants and
mineral nutrients like potassium, magnesium and calcium to permit fast
plant growth to limit nutrients for the algae.

If the problem is blue green algae, you may have excess nitrates (or
phosphates), try increasing the dosage of potassium, magnesium and
calcium. If you have hard water, make sure you have enough potassium. 

A dose of 100 ppm of potassium will not harm fish and will often
stimulate plants. Sometimes we do not realize potassium is limiting and
Paul K has been telling me about his use of higher potassium doses.
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