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Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V3 #1173

> I have place some plants in my pond and after a very long time they have
> grown and become very thick!  The problem now is that some of the plants
> has algae all over them!  What is the best way to treat them?  Arethey
> destined for destruction or there is a way to save them?

I raise plants in outdoor cattle troughs.  The troughs that get used daily get enough water
turn-over so that algae is not a problem.   The tanks with no water change-out  are trickier.   I
run my hands very gently over the leaves once or twice a week to sweep the algae off .   I also
have various fish in these tanks which control the algae to some extent.   At worst, I do a 90%
water change.  If you are using fertilizer, make sure the Phosphate content is low relative to the
nitrogen say (12-4-4).   Pond Lily fertilizer tabs are typically high  phosphate which promotes
algae.  Needless to say, don't overfertilize.