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Re: KATI / ANI vs. RO /DI

I asked whether KATI alone is a good way to process hard
and alkaline water.  Several people point out that if
KATI is efficient, there will be too much H+ in the water
for the carbonate ions.   And the water will end up being
acidic and with no buffering capacity.

This problem can be solved by storing the output of KATI
in a container and re-adjust the buffering capacity.
For people who need to use RO water, they have to store
their water and add back the salt anyway.  So an extra
processing step is required for KATI alone or RO.

I don't have hard and alkaline tap water to begin with,
so I won't spend the money on KATI to test it out.  But
for people who already bought a separate bed DI unit, this
may worth a try.

Louis Lin

Louis Lin                         lhclin at aw_sgi.com
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