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RE: On-Line Aquarist's University

	> Subject: On-Line Aquarist's University
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> > Wouldn't it be a righteous ton of fun
> > to create interactive web-based training modules in most areas of
> > interest to planted aquarists?  Water  chemistry, plant nutrition,
> > Liebnitz Law, lighting, etc.  We could probably take the whole hobby
> to
> > a new level of competency.  Anyone interested?
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> > "Lorenzen, David C" <david.lorenzen at eds_com> replied:
> > Steve,
> > I actually was inquiring to others about a major topic for
> discussion,
> > something like "The topic of the week/month". But I like your ideas
> > as well. Definitely interested.... any others?
As it happens, I've been working on custom software for
exactly this.  The concept is that you create information
modules (I call "infomods") that contain text, sound, graphics,
video, etc. for presentation.  These infomods can be stacked
and nested for presentation of a concept, a chapter, or an
entire 4-credit course.

I've been teaching for 10 years, and find this useful to
give students an extra push outside of class.  Of course, 
there are other appliations and I think, if done properly,
you don't actually need to be face-to-face to get exactly
the interaction required for advanced topic proficiency.

IMHO electronic documentation is only superior to a book
at the bedside because of easy distribution (everybody
gets the latest the next time they browse), alternative 
media (sound, video, etc.), alternative navigation (keyword 
searches, cross-referencing hyperlinks), and heuristic 
response mechanisms (you failed 80% of the questions 
on ion adsorption, so we give you another 100 questions 
to help train you).  So, a "true" online university must
offer this beyond a book in the bookstore.

I am very interested in this effort and offer whatever
support the APD would like.  Although I think the APD
would be an ideal first target audience for this, we may
want to take discussion to another list or forum with
interested people so we don't clutter the discussion 
of why I can't ever seem to get my Riccia fluitans to
take off.

charleyb at cytomation_com