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Re: KATI / ANI vs. RO /DI

Louis Lin writes:

> I asked whether KATI alone is a good way to process hard
>  and alkaline water.  Several people point out that if
>  KATI is efficient, there will be too much H+ in the water
>  for the carbonate ions.   And the water will end up being
>  acidic and with no buffering capacity.
>  This problem can be solved by storing the output of KATI
>  in a container and re-adjust the buffering capacity.

But by adding a buffer, you are also adding back the cations you just spent 
money and effort getting rid of.  You are not going to find carbonate 
available as just carbonate.  It is calcium carbonate, or magnesium 
carbonate, or potasium carbonte, or something carbonate, but it isn't just 
carbonate.  Sorry, the world just doesn't work that way.  When you talk 
cations and anions and positive/negative charges, Nature abhors imbalance.

Bob Dixon