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Re: KATI / ANI vs. RO / DI

Louis Lin writes:

> I am getting the feeling that KATI is a great solution for people with hard
>  and alkaline water.  KATI will replace the calcium and magnesium ions with
>  H+ and the H+ will neutralize the carbonate in the water to reduce pH and
>  produce CO2.  And the KATI is rechargable with HCl, which is commonly
>  available.  And there is no waste water.
>  This sounds too good to be true.  Is there a catch?

Yes, sort of.  You are assuming that all of your hardness is associated with 
CO3 alkalinity.  That isn't likely to be the case.  You are also forgetting 
that not only Ca++ and Mg++ ions will be replaced, but also K+, Na+, Fe in 
its couple of valences, and any other cation.  While in the end it will 
reduce alkalinity, it will probably also increase acidity more than you want 
it to.  But I suppose you can try it out and if not happy, spring for the ANI 
unit to go with it.

Bob Dixon