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Re: KATI / ANI vs. RO / DI

What becomes of the HCl (and NaOH in the other procedure)? Surely there's
salts of some sort being formed which must constitute a 'waste' product. You
flush this down the drain or vacuum it up or something else?


>Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 10:40:28 -0400
>From: "Louis Lin" <lhclin at aw_sgi.com>
>I am getting the feeling that KATI is a great solution for people with hard
>and alkaline water.  KATI will replace the calcium and magnesium ions with
>H+ and the H+ will neutralize the carbonate in the water to reduce pH and
>produce CO2.  And the KATI is rechargable with HCl, which is commonly
>available.  And there is no waste water.
>This sounds too good to be true.  Is there a catch?
>Louis Lin