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Amano's latest book

I don't remember anyone mentioning it, but there is a "new" (to me at least)
Amano book available, and this one has WORDS!

Someone from my local plant group told me about it and I just took delivery
of a copy thanks to MOPS ($13.39 Cdn). It is smaller than the three volume
set published a few years ago but the quality of the photos is just as good
as is the reproduction.

Called "Aquarium Plant Paradise", Amano finally gives some real details
about his aquascaping techniques. Some of you might want to check it out.
TFH Publications; ISBN 0-7938-0518-X.

B.T.W. Steve D. - can you imagine what George B.'s web-site would look like
with some of THESE photos in his scanner? <g>

James Purchase