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Re: high phosphate (was Kati/Ani vs RO/DI)

On Wed, 21 Jul 1999, Andrew wrote:

> >First of all, you did not say WHY you want to treat your water.
>      My tap water is loaded with phosphates, and that's all I really want to
> remove.

A phosphate sponge might be all you need.

>  Here's a quick list of my tap water analytes:
> NO3 = .7 mg/l
> PO4 = 4 mg/l
> GH = 2.5 - 3 dGH
> KH = 1.5 - 2 dKH

4 mg/l of PO4 is a staggering amount of PO4.  Is this from a test kit, or
from an analysis provided by your water utility?

My tap water regularly reads 2 or 3 mg/l of phosphate using any test
I've tried, and my tank water reads more.  I tried several things to
remove it from my tanks but it always rebounded.

Then at some point I started wondering, and read into the analytical
methods for phosphate and found out that silica causes false positive
readings in color tests for phosphate.  I have a lot of silica in my tap
water.  Most of us have some - 10 to 20 mg/l is pretty normal.  I've quit
using phosphate tests.

So, maybe your PO4 isn't really that high?

Roger Miller