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On-Line Aquarist's University!

Bravo to George and his Aquarist's University!!!

I just 'took' all three course modules and found it a lot of fun.  Now,
is there a test, George?  Or do I just self-certify my accomplishments
and my certificate (degree?) arrives in the mail?  (I understand that
submission of photos would not count for credit at Booth's Aquarist's
University.)  When do I fly out for the graduation ceremony?  We (maybe
the whole class) could take in the new Denver Aquarium.

With all the details and fuss on George's web site, I'm beginning to
wonder if in fact George might actually keep a planted aquarium or two
around.  Maybe had one as a kid?  I do know that most of the photos on
George's site are just touched up photos of a uniform blue background
George keeps next to his train set in the basement.  I may have
mentioned this before.  But I've seen it with my own two eyes.

(Better paint the windows in your basement black, George.  You wouldn't
want the cops puzzling over any light reflected through clear water into
a white bucket and onto the uniform blue background and finally, out one
of the basement windows.  It could happen, you know.  (Angle of
incidence equals angle of reflection; that sort of thing.)  Unless James
Purchase was spoofing us the other day, the cops could draw the wrong
conclusion if they saw any blue light.  And according to Amelia, no one
would give it a second thought, if you catch my drift.  Better safe than

But I just can't see how George could fake all those photos on his web
site unless he had an aquarium or two with at least a couple of plants.
Or is it just that George buys books with photos of aquariums kept by
others (Amano, Horst & Kipper, Schuerman, Kasselmann; lots of
possibilities come to mind) and uses those as inspiration for the fake
photographs on his site?  I guess we'll never know for sure, but
Enquiring minds want to know.

Seriously, I've been futzing around the last couple of days looking at
web-based interactive software education programs-the ones universities
use to create interactive web-based courses.  WebCT, LearningSpace,
Course-in-a-Box, TopClass, etc.  Wouldn't it be a righteous ton of fun
to create interactive web-based training modules in most areas of
interest to planted aquarists?  Water  chemistry, plant nutrition,
Liebnitz Law, lighting, etc.  We could probably take the whole hobby to
a new level of competency.  Anyone interested?

Steve Dixon -- in San Francisco, not doing much for my employer at the
moment (as you might have been able to discern) but also not worrying
much about the 4th, 5th or even the 8th amendment

"you could have been more than a name on the door on the 31st floor in
the air" Joni Mitchell "Court & Spark" (actually, I'm on the 22nd
floor-so everything must be okay, right?)